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Laura Bruno – TBI survivor & medical intuitive

Laura Bruno was an empathic and sensitive child, who didn’t feel encouraged to view these traits as something positive to be developed.  Despite a secret yearning for a spiritual career, she got a Master’s in English and went to work in a corporate sales setting.  There, she used prayer to request guidance, and had uncanny success at sales.

She was accepted at a doctoral program in English, with full fellowships, and was due to begin it in three months, when she had a serious car accident in May 1998 at the age of 24.  She had a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that completely stopped her life.  She had to give up her fellowship.  She couldn’t read for more than five minutes without getting a migraine.  She was speaking incoherently at times without even realizing it.  She had to lie on the couch with an ice pack non-stop for months.  She was not given much hope for help by conventional medicine.  She turned to alternative healing and a spiritual approach.  It took her six years to recover.

During her neurological recovery, she experienced a dramatic opening of her psychic abilities.  She started having sudden, unsought, accurate intuitions about the medical conditions of others.  What would happen is that she would get migraines that were particularly intense, even for her.  And they would intensify progressively, until she “agreed” to relay the information to the person with the medical condition, at which time the migraines would abate.  Interviewer Kristin Suratt points out that accepting that one is a medical intuitive is a scary proposition, because “suddenly you have to really trust your intuition.”  Bruno adds that, at first, she received medical intuitions only about life-and-death situations.  This made the stakes high in a couple of ways -- interfering in the life of someone vs.risking their death; the risk of turning your own life into a non-stop, dramatic, exhausting rescue mission.

On the contrary, when she finally accepted and revealed her ability, she also developed much more control over turning it on and off, or what she calls “Stand by,” where it wasn’t taking over her life any more and she wasn’t suddenly getting hits that she had to urgently find and communicate with people.  Instead, she made a way to be available (starting a business, a website), and found people were contacting her earlier in their illnesses so preventive work was possible.

(This is a classic example of a shamanic call.  You can see many examples in Holger Kalweit’s “Dreamtime and Inner Space” of people minding their own business, then struck down by a mystery illness, then getting the message that they were supposed to be shamans, then resisting that message, then discovering that they got relief from their symptoms only when they submitted and agreed to “shamanize,” be that working with herbs, prophecying, healing, etc.  You can also see the same pattern vividly in the case of Laura Alden Kamm, another medical intuitive who shook for three years during her *second* bout of neurological problems, and discovered she would stop shaking only while she worked as an intuitive.)

One day, out of the blue, Laura Bruno’s holistic vision and brain injury specialist offered to give his practice to her when he retired.  She had no idea why he was saying this.

“He explained that he and his assistant had noticed ‘the next three patients after’ me ‘always made amazing progress.’ ‘Great,” I said, ‘What’s that got to do with me?’ He answered, ‘For weeks we’ve purposely mixed things up and no matter which three patients follow you, they always make amazing progress. You leave an energy residue in the room that lasts at least three hours’” (mind-energy interview).  (This creation of a temporary, localized field effect has been observed by other parapsychology researchers.)

Bruno studied Reiki, and used it to wean herself completely off pharmaceutical migraine pills.  She is a Master Reiki teacher and healer.  She encourages “people in chronic physical or emotional pain to take at least a Reiki Level 1 class because it empowers them to treat themselves instead of relying on someone else for relief and support. Changes in students’ lives are very interesting—sometimes dietary shifts, career switches and enhanced intuition” (mind-energy interview).

As a medical intuitive, she tunes into a person’s energy field and intended life path to find the root cause of their symptoms.  “Our bodies never betray us—instead they attempt to speak to us when we’ve ignored our soul’s messages in every other form” (mind-energy interview).

She’s also an animal communicator and here’s her interesting description of the process:  “It’s primarily a telepathic process. First, I ask the animal’s permission to engage in conversation. I’ve had animals ask me to “check back later,” but none has ever told me “no.” I enter a meditative state and tune into the animal’s soul and Essence. The process feels like letting down all the walls of separation, so that I just “melt” into whatever or whomever wants to communicate. I then upload and download visions, phrases, feelings, memories—whatever wants to reveal itself—similar to searching the internet with multiple browsers open. If an owner asks specific questions, it’s like running a search on Google and retrieving answers in order of relevance. Done telepathically, this happens quickly—especially since most animals use images rather than words to communicate” (mind-energy interview).

She says cats are often more highly conscious animals who tend to want to communicate at a more complex level!  :)  Some animals ask for ways they can enhance their human’s progress.

Asked what message she would give based on all her experience, she said the same thing Anita Moorjani brought back from her NDE:  “You are loved and you are Love.”

From talking with many brain injury survivors, Bruno has come to the conclusion that there is a “brain injury profile.”  She thinks people who end up getting a brain injury are often very advanced in a lot of areas of their lives, but not well-integrated.  She says the injury initiates a journey of integration – you’ve got all the parts, but they’re not working together.

She proposes that part of the purpose of these experiences is to change something that needed to change in the person’s life.  Regarding both the complexities of brain injury and other “mystery illnesses,” she says,“People that have something that no one can figure out, then usually it’s not about figuring it out.  It’s usually about the process” (Surratt kzyx interview).

Bruno also addresses the fear that comes with any neuro-damage-induced psychic opening:  “When a stroke, brain injury or other neurological condition suddenly opens pathways you never knew existed, you might feel tempted to “turn things off.” Indeed, many people contact me because they don’t know how to handle the onslaught of psychic awareness. ‘How do I tune stuff out?’ they ask. ‘I don’t wanna know these things!’”  (LB blog, 29 Dec 08).

She counsels that trying to shut it down or ignore it will actually increase your fear, basically because you will still be vaguely aware of the information flow, but now you are even less conscious of it or able to work with it.  It’s comparable to walking into a new environment with your eyes closed.

Instead, she recommends grounding and centering, especially on the heart chakra, using meditation or chanting.  Try to have fun, ask for synchronicities, ask for guidance, and if necessary ask for clarification of the guidance.

“Consider that the words “scared” and “sacred” contain all the same components, just slightly rearranged. We do not need to remove things in order to make them holy. We need only shift perspective” (LB blog, 29 Dec 08).


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