Monday, January 30, 2012

Cami R. – brain injury leads to psychic opening

Sixteen years ago, at the age of 22, Cami R. was in a severe car accident.  (Thanks to for the story.)  Her car landed on top of her, her sacrum was shattered, her skull fractured, and she had many other broken bones.  She lost consciousness, had an OBE, and an NDE.  In the days after her return to her body, while still in the hospital, she worked diligently on her breathing to address her pain, and began experiencing prolonged states of expanded consciousness. 

While focusing on her breathing in the hospital -- “Between breaths, I simply slipped from one form of consciousness into a much more spacious and connected and powerful one. From this state I felt honored to keep the body breathing and endure this particular blazing burden. It wasn’t suffering, it was fuel. I was filled with the sheer joy and gratitude of experiencing this particular delicious incarnation, this body and personality….I recognize a little inherent kinship with…the path of using everything in life — including the dark within us, those things we like to stuff into the shadow — as fuel for burning off the veil."

The initial trauma recovery was followed by years of chronic pain.  She took a multi-modal approach to healing including nutrition, homeopathy, changing her thinking and movement patterns.  She had a lot of neuroendocrine and electrical disruption.  She couldn’t wear a watch, and other people were drawn to her and commented on energy and light they perceived around her.

She continued to experience expanded consciousness and mystical visions, as well as episodes of spontaneous healing.  She began to sense other people’s emotions and physical states, experienced a spontaneous, intuitive increase in her understanding of healing, and began channeling healing with her hands, as well as developing herbal remedies.  Memories and information from her NDE are still coming to her years later.

Her two children, who were conceived after her injury, and with whom she believes she communicated before their births, have precocious healing abilities and expanded consciousness.

So, here is another person who had a neurological incident that precipitated a psychic opening.

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