Monday, March 12, 2012

30 stranded dolphins saved in Arraial do Cabo, Brazil

At the bottom of this post is an absolutely stunning video, filmed 5 Mar 12 by Gerd Traue.  Thirty dolphins beached themselves -- coming into the beach at full throttle! -- in Brazil, where nearby humans rapidly figured out what to do.  All the dolphins were saved.  The video is a bit disturbing to watch, but at the same time incredibly moving, and it has a happy ending.

“The happy ending is all the more welcome for the fact that it's unusual: in February, hundreds of dead bottlenose dolphins washed ashore on the northern coast of Peru, for reasons that remain a mystery. Meanwhile almost 200 dolphins have stranded themselves on the shores of Cape Cod in the past month; at least 125 have died, despite efforts to save them” (Jessica Phelan, GlobalPost / CNN, 10 Mar 12).

“From New England to Peru, an unprecedented number of dolphins have been beaching themselves in recent weeks, and experts are grappling to understand why” Jennifer Viegas,, 16 Feb 12).

There is much debate but no consensus about what’s going on.  One commenter on suggested the strongest solar storm in 8 years, which occurred on 5 March, might have impacted the dolphin’s sonar.  Other theories include climate change and pole shift (magnetic change) – it is 2012, after all!  Capt. David Williams of says that military sonar, underwater sonar mapping, and underwater earthquakes can all cause “barosinusitis (barotrauma in their massive head sinuses)” which is brought about by “rapid and excessive changes in the surrounding (ambient) water pressure.”

Even if one or more of these materialist theories is true, maybe we can also consider other teleological explanations for the phenomenon.

Dolphins are traditionally seen as psychic, closely bonded with humanity, profoundly wise and intelligent, and having some special mission that affects us all.  There are many anecdotes of dolphins rescuing humans, healing humans, assisting human births.

The AquaThought Foundation  “is a privately funded research organization dedicated to the exploration of human-dolphin interaction. Since 1989, AquaThought has studied the neurological impact of close contact with dolphins on human subjects and the related therapeutic phenomena.”

“According to their research, the human subject's dominate [dominant?] brain frequency drops significantly after dolphin interaction. Also observable is a period of hemispheric synchronization (the brainwaves emitted from both the left and right hemispheres of the brain are in phase and of similar frequency). Also, in many instances the background EEG became more evenly distributed within the spectrum. It is believed that this phenomenon may have some sort of therapeutic effect on an individual’s emotional, or physical health” (Rebecca Sato & Josh Hill,, 12 Jun 09).

Given the myriad contemporary and historical anecdotes of dolphins appearing out of the blue to rescue humans from gross bodily harm, and given our newfound understanding of the subtle healing effects they also have on us, maybe this recent spate of beachings is just a more dramatic attempt by dolphins to connect with and help us.

Maybe these animals are putting themselves at risk for us.  Maybe it benefits us, Gaia, and possibly them so much for us to be in close contact with them, to touch and help them, that they are pushing the envelope.  Perhaps these sometimes painful incidents are just the growing pains of a project to increase dolphin – human collaboration.  This parallels the way that psi sometimes erupts distressingly in us humans, but it is really just the growing pains of a project to connect us more with our true selves and the transpersonal level of reality.

It feels like this incident in Brazil was meant to be and meant to go viral.  (As of this posting, the video has been seen 2.5 million times on Youtube.)  I swear it felt like it was having a profound impact on me as I watched it.  And it has stirred many of the humans who’ve watched it.  Note how the whole incident has that choreographed feeling that life sometimes gets when you feel that something cosmic is working through you.

 And now for some comic relief –

Best comment – jal on CNN site --  “See, sun bathers can serve a porpoise.”

Second best comment – blakeourso on Youtube:  “See why you're not supposed to text and drive?”

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  1. Yeah to the happy ending! :)


  2. Hopefully they were all saved!


  3. Hi, Stan! Yes, these dolphins were all saved....and by appearing they saved us, too. And we will continue to think about how to understand and save any others that appear!

  4. Military sonar does this. Nature does NOT.

  5. The destructive things that humans are doing to animals (including other humans) are very upsetting. I believe that Gaia / the Tao enlists even these things to repair the Tao. Thank *you* for working with the NRDC.

  6. It was wonderful to see all the people on the beach just responding naturally and working together. -- Barbara

  7. Yes, I love how a threat to survival turned into an experience of thriving!