Monday, September 3, 2012

What one NDE has to say about iatrogenic medication

Amy C. was a 30-year-old California woman suffering since she was 17 from worsening chronic pain that may have been fibromyalgia  (thanks to for the find).  In 2010, she reported on the NDERF site that she had had an NDE a couple of years prior.  Her NDE is of particular relevance to this blog because it was triggered by a lethal medication reaction, and reveals one instance of how the issue of iatrogenic medication is being framed on “the other side.”

After 13 years of illness, Amy had reached the point where she could only sleep 15 minutes at a time due to pain.  Her doctor then experimented with a new medication to help her sleep.  His intentions were good, but, as is too often the case, he minimized the seriousness of the adverse effects she immediately showed.

“My doctor had an idea for a medication that wasn't typically used for sleep, but might have the side-effect of numbing me.  I noticed that whenever I took it, even in the tiniest amounts, my nose would swell and my breathing became too shallow.  It was scary and uncomfortable, but the relief from pain came, so the temptation to take it was great.  I informed the doctor that I believed I was having an allergic reaction to the medication and he chuckled and said that my body simply needed to "get used to the med" and that the amount I was taking was so low, it couldn't possibly do anything.  He asked me to take three whole pills.  I had been taking one half of a half.  One night, after a week of agonizing pain and no sleep, I considered the doctor's prescription of three whole pills and decided to take them all and trust him.

I went to bed after taking all three and within minutes felt myself begin to go numb.  Then the inside of my nasal passages swelled up and I couldn't breathe at all.  I couldn't even open my mouth I was struggling to get air, but could not.  My entire body felt like it was mummified.  I couldn't call out for help, and it only took a couple of minutes before, the struggle was over.  

There was a strong suction coming from the top of my head (like a vacuum) and an absolute sense of relief.  There was no longer a need to breathe, and no feeling of being drugged on a medication.  I had no sense of my own body.  I've forgotten much of this next part, but it seems I travelled very quickly.”

The next thing she remembers is being pulled through a portal into a waiting room with many other people.  She knew that they had probably just died, and that they had all died from not taking better care of themselves in some way.  For example, there were some boys who had died from drunk driving, and a woman who had overly tanned herself in pursuit of beauty who had died from skin cancer.

After an interval, a teacher appeared who explained to her that everyone in this gathering had died by some form of indirect suicide, and that they hadn’t learned vital lessons while embodied.  None of them had intentionally killed themselves, but all had shown a flagrant disregard for their own safety.  They had taken unhealthy risks with their lives in a way that was described by Amy as self-obsessed and prideful.

She then left that area and moved on through a long, detailed NDE with her own guide.  She had a life review, an interplanetary tour, and learned a lot about how things work.  Among other things, she was shown that Earth crops are poisoned and impure (the implication was pesticides and GMO) and we are all adjured to return to pure, unadulterated food.  There is much more to Amy C.’s NDE than I will focus on here.  It is a particularly uplifting and complex one, very much worth reading in toto (see Sources below).

Her guide told her she was in between life and death, “as if in a coma,” and after all these experiences, he persuaded her to return to her body.  She found herself back in her bedroom standing out-of-body next to her body, and felt panic at not being able to enter her body or wake it.  With her guide’s help, she managed to make a noise to wake her husband.

“My husband heard this and woke up and asked, "Amy?  What is it?  What's the matter?"  I couldn't answer.  I tried to scream or cry out to him, but could not.  He leaned over and I saw him shake me.  I felt through his hands a level of electricity move through me.  But I was unable to connect or move.  He got up and turned a light on.  My eyes were still shut, but I witnessed the look on his face.

He suddenly went very pale and his mouth dropped open.  Beads of sweat formed instantly around his hair line.  He was perspiring heavily.  I'd never seen such a frightened look on his face before.  He grabbed me and yanked my body upward toward him, trying to hold me up, shouting, "AMY!!  AMY, AMY!!!"  Again and again.  He was trying to check my pulse.  My head dropped back and he pulled my eyelids open.  He was nearly screaming my name.  As he continued to shake my body (he later described as being so heavy, it was shocking... and I was very small/petite at the time.) I felt more and more electricity moving all around my body.  Then, I felt something like a POP, and I was back.  I sucked in a long, deep breath and just hung there, limply, breathing in and out.  Unable to speak.

After a few minutes, my husband was asking, "What should I do?  Should I call 911?"  I answered firmly, "No.  I'm fine.  Don't call anyone.  I just need to sit down for a minute."  He helped me to the other room where I sat on the couch and tried to tell him what had happened.”

After her NDE, Amy’s health recovered dramatically, and she shifted to a vegetarian, organic diet.  She also left the religion she had been raised in; became less politically conservative; more interested in her spiritual and psychological development, and in deeper relationships with others; and less interested in material things.  She said that, prior to the NDE, she “had lived in fear and distrust and panic for 30 consecutive years.”  Afterwards, she slowly and successfully integrated the peace, security and trust she had experienced during the NDE into her embodied life.

Amy continued to have visions after the NDE, saw light around everything, and had other psi experiences.  She synchronistically met the mother of one of the women she had seen in the afterlife waiting room, and was confirmed to have veridical information about the deceased woman. 

From her post-NDE meditations and communications with her guide she learned --

“…I had been pulled into the specific portal with others who had brought themselves to their own demise, because I had for so many years been taking strong medications for my health problems that were slowly killing me.  And that I had seen myself as a helpless victim for so long….I gave up all of the labels that doctors had given me for my health problems, and let go of my ‘story’  of what I thought I was.  I worked toward humility and opened myself up to learning and growth.  I took full responsibility for my own suffering and blamed no one and no thing.”

This NDE account is unusual in that it gives us some information about how iatrogenic medication is being seen in the part of the universe we inhabit when not embodied.  I have some familiarity with NDE accounts and after death communications (ADCs), and I have not come across a lot of information like this.

This is not the only path that an NDE from a medication reaction can take.  There are several other drug reaction NDEs listed below in the Sources, and none of them has this “portal for indirect suicide” element in common with Amy C.’s, nor do they have much to say about iatrogenic medications.

I know of one other reference – an ADC from a young man named Erik Medhus, who killed himself with a gun in 2009, and said, through a professional channeler in 2010, that the drugs he took --  Lamictal and Abilify -- will be removed from the market because they’re harmful to children and teens.  He was not taking the meds at the time of death, and he denied they had anything to do with his suicide (  (But, based on my experience, I have to wonder whether he was unwittingly in withdrawal from them, and does not yet realize that the neurological disruption caused by stopping these meds may, indeed, have contributed to his state of mind.)

Amy C. had a severe adverse reaction to a prescribed medication. This occurs much more frequently than is currently recognized by mainstream Western medicine.  And less severe adverse reactions are even more common.

As an aside, consumers and physicians often refer to these crises as an “allergic reaction,” which is almost cute-sounding and misleading.  It implies that the person taking the medication is unusual, and has something wrong with them in how they react to honest, hard-working medication.  In fact, adverse reactions and serious side effects are very, very common.  And the fault lies with the medications, which are increasingly potent and shamefully under-tested.  In the U.S., TV advertisements for medications in all categories are larded with warnings and disclaimers, in an attempt to protect the manufacturers from liability.  This shows that the manufacturers know that many risks exist and that they’re common.

The message that Amy C. got from her NDE was that she was “taking strong medications” that were “slowly killing” her.  She was also encouraged to give up the labels her doctors had put on her health; to take responsibility and empower herself; and to abjure unnatural food.  She was asked to look at some of her previous choices as a form of indirect suicide, and then asked to take much better care of her safety and well-being from here on out.

This message and the channeled one from Eric Medhus validate what a growing number of consumers and health professionals are coming to believe.  I am keen to see what other information we get on this topic from the other side in the coming years, and how it will shape the discourse about medication here on Earth.

These two communications also bring up bigger questions about how new developments on Earth are metabolized on the other side, and how and when other beings or aspects of universal consciousness intervene with unwholesome happenings on Earth.  The possibilities for transpersonal partnership are very intriguing.


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