Friday, February 10, 2012

Anita Moorjani NDE

Anita Moorjani is an unusually generous-spirited, modest person who had a four-year struggle with cancer from 2002-2006.  On 2 Feb 2006, she slipped into a coma and crossed over to the other realm.  She returned the next day with profound insight into the nature of reality and the cause of her cancer, and was transformed, by her own report, from a fearful, guilty person into a joyous, self-compassionate one.  Her utterly demolished body recovered at miraculous speed.

Her cancer cannot be narrowly defined as a neurological incident – it was a full body Lymphoma – but there were neurological elements, including the eventual development of a lemon-sized tumor at the base of the skull, and a fluid-filled brain at the start of her coma.

She doesn’t mention a lot of psi-related effects of her NDE, but then again she’s very modest and actually mentions feeling uncomfortable talking about such things.  But she does say that many people have told her they feel an energy change when they’re around her now, and she sees that her own new state of deep well-being has a field effect on the people she is close to.  She also reports increasing sychronicities.

She says when life has its ups and downs she can re-center herself on what she felt during her NDE, and often finds that external obstacles then fall away.

Moorjani mostly focuses on how her great fear contributed to the development of her cancer, but she also makes brief mention of her belief that her inherent great power’s natural need to express itself became cancer because there was no better outlet for it (p.70).  “The cancer is just my own unexpressed power and energy!  It turned inward *against* my body, rather than outward. (p. 165)”  

“I believe that *my* cancer was related to my self-identity, and it feels as though it was my body’s way of telling me that my soul was grieving for the loss of its own worth – of its identity. (p. 180)”

“I do suggest, however, not viewing illness or symptoms as “something to be gotten rid of,” like an enemy.  This is a fear-based reaction.  For me, the appearance of these symptoms is my body’s way of trying to heal me. (p. 181)”

This jibes with the general hypothesis of this blog that any neurological disorder can be thought of as a misinterpretation of, reaction to, or blockage of a psychic opening.

According to the First Sight model, psi is already universally present in how we perceive and interact with life.  But, most people live at a level of psychic functioning that is culturally-acceptable and is labeled non-psychic.  However, we are here on Earth to be fully our true selves, which includes being more efficacious than most of us let ourselves be, which would look more “psychic.”  If you block this inherent power, it will come out in distorted ways. 

Also, developmental thrust may lead to bursts of the true self trying to express itself, and that might be called a “psychic opening.”  Then, if you don’t have the information and cultural support to recognize what’s going on, you can misinterpret the signs as disease.

So, there are several slightly different, but related and overlapping ways of looking at this.  But the main idea, supported by Moorjani’s NDE learnings, is that illness is a sign of the true self and “psychic” capacity being misinterpreted, reacted to, or blocked.

Source:  Moorjani, A.  (2012).  Dying to be me:  My journey from cancer to near death to true healing.  Hay House.


  1. If Anita Moorjani's book had been written two years ago, or earlier, I probably would have passed it by. But, through my own long struggle with grief and my encounter with "super normal" experiences, I've been launched onto a path of discovery for over two years now. It's been quite a circuitous route, and the very first book I read on NDEs was, thankfully, "Life After Life," written by Dr. Raymond Moody. If I had ventured into the world of the many books written about NDEs, I would have chalked off the entire phenomenon.
    The best thing about this book is it's emotional honesty. I loved reading about her family - how supportive they were to the very effective end. I know that I'll probably read this book again many times.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I can really relate. I, too, used to be highly skeptical. I, too, have been opened up by hardship and by anomalous experiences. And, it certainly has been a circuitous route since then for me, too! I'm sorry to hear about your grief. Have you come across the US Biography channel TV show "I survived...beyond and back"? Very interesting first hand NDE accounts. And have you found It has a wealth of material about NDEs. Also, there are a lot of great Moorjani interviews on the Internet. I look forward to hearing more from you.